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An Exemplary WiFi Marketing Solution for Your Customers

about partnerships

Zenreach’s Hardware/Software Partners program was launched to equip WiFi OEMs, ISVs, POS solution providers and other complementary software companies with a digital marketing solution to help their customers monetize guest WiFi while delivering on the consumer’s increasing expectation for free internet. Zenreach also offers an incremental revenue stream and co-marketing efforts with Partners.

frequently asked questions

What is the Partner Program?

Smart marketing and customer engagement through WiFi is a rapidly growing asset for many customers. We launched the Zenreach Partner Program to provide our partners with a product that delights the customer and offers high ROI for both parties. The Zenreach Partner Program empowers resellers to differentiate from their competitors, earn additional recurring revenue, expand product offerings, and provide a exemplary WiFi marketing solution to their customers.

How does the program work?

Whether you’re a hardware provider, MSP, VAR, digital marketing company, software vendor, or anything in between, all are invited to apply to the Zenreach Partner Program. The program is divided into three categories including Technology Services Partners, Marketing Services Partners, and Software/Hardware Partners. Partner levels within each category include Silver and Gold levels with varying requirements and benefits. Partners can access the Zenreach Partner Portal resourced with marketing collateral, training materials, sales tools, case studies, and more.

What’s the difference between the Partner categories and levels?

The Partner Program is categorized into three service sections based on industry and scope of work: Technology Services Partners, Marketing Services Partners, and Software/Hardware Partners. Each category includes Silver and Gold levels each with varying qualifications and benefits. For a full list of partner qualifications and benefits, drop us a line at partners@zenreach.com.

Not sure which to apply for? Contact us and our team will be happy to guide you.

Is there an upfront cost?

No, becoming a Zenreach Partner does not require any upfront costs because we’re awesome.

Does Zenreach provide technical support?

The Zenreach Partner Program provides technical support escalation.

I’m ready to become a Zenreach Partner, where do I start?

You can register to become a Zenreach Partner at www.zenreach.com/partners. Once we receive your application, a Zenreach Channel Manager will schedule an introductory call and review all training and onboarding programs in addition to setting up your lab environment with a NFR license.