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Customers who connect with Zenreach visit 65% more often than customers who don't

How Can zenreach help?

Connect With Your Guests

Zenreach helps you set up a free WiFi hotspot for your customers—complete with a custom-branded login portal in your look and feel.

Understand Your Business

As your guests join your WiFi, we automatically build a customer list complete with visit history, demographics and contact info.

Automate Your Marketing

Zenreach helps create smart and targeted marketing campaigns based on demographic and visit behavior. And can tell you just who walked back in your door.

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Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

Join thousands of bars and restaurants across the world already partnered with Zenreach

Health & Leisure

Foster customer loyalty, attract new clients and enhance your brand with Zenreach


From bed and breakfasts to resorts, Zenreach makes it easy to get to know your guests

Stadiums & Venues

Turn every guest into a loyal fanatic with the simplicity of Zenreach


Connect with customers at your store in real-time with the power of Zenreach


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“Zenreach is a no-brainer. Set up was simple and results were immediate.”

Brandon Thomsen, Marketing Director

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